Flat Laser Cutting and Tube Laser Cutting

For nearly two decades, Livonia Tool & Laser has provided superior laser and tube laser cutting services to the material handling industry. Our laser cutting equipment can handle everything from mild steel, to stainless steel to aluminum and includes tube cutting up to 27' length with 6" diameter and 1/4" wall thickness.

Our 50,000 sq. ft. laser cutting facility houses our BLM LT7 Fiber Laser and an Adige Tube Laser. These lasers are capable of handling round tubes, square and rectangle tubes, open profiles and special sections, allowing us to expend our laser cutting capabilities.

Our Facilities

Laser Cutting Equipment & Capabilities

Livonia Tool & Laser has both laser cutting and tube laser cutting equipment, for all of your product needs.

  • 50,000 sq. ft. laser cutting facility
  • 5 State of the art flatbed lasers
  • (4) 4’ x 8 ‘ tables (1) 6’ x 12’ table
  • Automated material storage towers increasing productivity & turnaround time.
  • Mid steel cut capabilities - 1” thick
  • Stainless steel cut capabilities - 3/8" thick
  • Aluminum cut capabilities – 3/16“ thick
  • BLM adige tube laser: 27’ tube length, 6” dia, ¼” wall thickness, 12 lbs/ft.
As recognized leader in the material handling industry, we are confident that you’ll appreciate our quick turn around, reliable delivery, individualized attention and high quality products. Our materials are sourced in the USA with all of our products and services being made in the USA. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Additional Capabilities

Livonia Tool & Laser offers other fabrication services for the material handling industry including rack fabrication and repair services, design and engineering support, welding, powder coating and assembly.

Visit our product catalog to check out our stacking caps, targets, forgings, t-series , container specific parts, and custom/standard parts.

Laser Cutting Projects We Have Done

Livonia Tools & Laser - Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting by Livonia Tool & Laser
Laser Cutting by Livonia Tool
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