Customer Service

  • Customer Service representatives are available M-F from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST.
  • We can accommodate any size project - and we still make time to listen to you and treat you as a person.
  • Our sales representatives, have over 80 years combined experience and can provide you with practical solutions to your material handling, laser, and stamping needs.
  • Livonia Tool & Laser sales, estimating, and engineering departments are all in-house. This allows for collaborative and concise proposals.

Innovative Design and Engineering Services

The Livonia Tool & Laser Team is made up of people who love to figure things out.

We follow a proven design & development process that has been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We use tools like CAD, Solidworks and Translator, which allow us to develop the right solution for your project. Whether you have a straightforward need or a complex, custom solution, Livonia Tool & Laser has the tools, knowledge and expertise for your material storage and handling needs.

Raising the Bar with Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to specific methodologies is big reason why we've been successful in building a powerful company culture.

  • To improve our responsiveness to our clients, we've adopted an Agile approach to projects. This allows us to be proactive and collaborative with our customers and make incremental improvements in a versatile and flexible way.
  • We follow the Lean Manufacturing methodology eliminating waste from our manufacturing processes and improving efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.
  • We've embraced the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. We involve all employees in our improvement activities so that we can tap into their talents.

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