What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is the electrostatic application of colored powder to a metal substrate which is then is cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin.” Powder coatings themselves are based on polymer resin systems, combined with curatives, pigments, leveling agents, flow modifiers, and other additives. During curation, the coating chemically reacts to produce long molecular chains, resulting in high cross-link density.

Powder Coating: See How We Do It

Additional Capabilities

Livonia Tool & Laser offers a wide variety of products and services to the Material Handling industry. We have a vast list of stamped products including stacking caps, targets, t-series and forgings.

We provide laser and tube laser cutting and rack fabrication services that are unrivaled in the industry.

We can help you design, engineer, manufacture and assemble the right material handling solution for your business.

Whatever your material handling project needs are, contact us today to get started.

Why Powder Coating vs. Conventional Paint?

Powder coating is much tougher than conventional paint. It is a durable, high-quality finish that produces a thick coat without running. It will endure virtually any weather condition while resisting chipping, scratching or fading. This is because during the curation process, the long molecular chains created have a high cross-link density, making them very resistant to breakdown.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coatings is more environmentally friendly than “wet” paints, emitting zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). Powder can produce much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without the “sagging’ of traditional painting. Powder coating overspray can be recycled making it possible to achieve nearly 100% use and produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings.

Equipment and Production Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art powder coating process can handle all of your material handling structure needs.

  • GEMA Dual Spray powder application system
  • 900 ft conveyor w/ 5-stage wash can handle structures up to 7’6” x 7’9” x 16’
  • Our 20,000 cfm vacuum system eliminates the worry of cross-contamination between colors.
  • Salt spray testing results achieved over 500 hrs, exceeding industry expectations for performance.
  • Weather proof, and chipping, scratching and fading resistant.
  • Featuring Powdura ECO from Sherwin-Williams, durable coatings made from recycled plastics

Photos of Recent Powder Coating Projects

Livonia Tools & Laser - Powder Coating
Rack Fabrication - Livonia Tools & Laser
Powder Coating - Finished Products by Livonia Tools
fabricated racks in the Warehouse - Livonia Tool
Professional Powder Coating -Livonia Tool
Powder Coating by Livonia Tool & Laser
Powder Coating in Yellow - Livonia Tool
Black Powder Coating - Livonia Tools & Laser
Powder Coating Warehouse - Livonia Tools
White Powder Coating - Livonia Tools
Powder Coating - Finished Products by Livonia Tools
Powder Coating - Livonia Tools & Laser
Powder Coating by Livonia Tools
Livonia Tools & Laser - Powder Coating
Powder Coating
Powder Coating being performed in Livonia Tools
Powder Coating on Racks - Livonia Tools
Powder Coating - Livonia Tools & Laser
Powder Coating - Livonia Tools & Laser
Powder Coating on Racks - Livonia Tools
Powder Coating - Livonia Tools & Laser